E juice is very popular these days as more and more people begin to enjoy the vaping, more companies are coming along with new and improved juice flavors. One brand that has made an impression is Five Pawns. Five Pawns’ ejuices are far from what you’ve saw before, but everything that you will love.

Five Pawns’ ejuice is made in small batches. These smaller batches enable more flavor to be captured, thus bringing you a flavorful concoction that you’ll love to taste. You can enjoy liquids made in house in the state of California, with a 50% VG/ 50% PG content in each ejuice. The brand has captured the hearts of many, and it will take just one taste for you to understand why.

If you take a look you’ll see that Five Pawns E Juice has exciting choices some of which are:

Bowdens Mate: Bowden’s Mate is a must try flavor. Rich chocolate meets a hint of exciting mint flavor with a peak of French Vanilla. One hit of this ejuice and you’ll be hooked!4136719965_6c529430b6_b

Grandmaster: Another of the must-try flavors, Grandmaster is sweet and sultry, bringing your taste buds together with rich caramel flavor combined with peanut butter and banana flavor. This isn’t your usual ejuice flavor, but it will quickly become a favorite.

Castle Long: Yet another flavor that you won’t find with just every ejuice brand. This particular flavor has the essence of Kentucky Bourbon with hints of vanilla and caramelized brown sugar.

This is just some of the many different flavors that you can enjoy when you choose Five Pawns as your ejuice supplier. The flavors are created in different series. The Signature Series was the first introduced by the brand, but is just one of the many different series available. It is a good idea to try all of the exciting flavors at least one time. Each offers its own unique characteristics and qualities, and you never know which will become your favorite until you’ve tried them all!

Five Pawns’ makes it even easier to try all of their exciting flavors with the availability of sampler packs. A sampler packs enables you to sample several different ejuices for one low price. There is less risk but more versatility when you try a sampler pack.

Whether you are a newbie or have been enjoying ejuice for some time already, Five Pawns is a brand that you will not want to miss.